Evan Demas

Evan Demas has earned a Masters of Fine Art degree at RMIT University as well as developing an interest in Japanese aesthetics in which as he has gained a teaching certificate in Sogetsu Ikebana.

Demas’ art employs industrial and plant based materials to produce 3-dimensional objects and installations with a potent visual dynamic. Working methods range from intuitive direct interaction with material to employing the use of cad software to visualize concepts in digital space.

Formal experiments display an interest contrastingelements such as form, repetition, contours, negative and positive space, shadows and reflections.

Non-material philosophical constructs such as intuition and consciousness, permanence and temperance, simplicity and complexity, rational and irrational impulses are also evident in his work.

Demas’ style of work can be attributed to his in interest in Japanese aesthetics, minimalist art as well as contemporary architecture and design.